A Few of My Favorite Things: “Istanbul was Constantinople…”

I wanted to play a quick game of show and tell.

Or maybe tell and show.

It goes like this: Last week I saw the new James Bond movie here in Athens. (I love Greek commercials by the way.) As for the movie, I thought it was fun. There were lots of throwback elements to some of the more classic Bond moments. The gadgets, the car, the Bond girls, the suit and classic walking into the gun barrel shot. I’m not the biggest Daniel Craig fan. I actually prefer him in the suit rather than shirtless.  Along with the witty comments, there were some beautiful settings and cinematography going on. For example, you see the ephemeral techno jellyfish-y city of Shanghai, the beautiful moor-y country side and house that James Bond grew up in Scotland, and many more really rich shots. (Not that all of them were actually in the location declared. Eh movies.) And Adele’s “Skyfall” opening credit showcase was perfect.

My only critique: Honestly I thought there were a lot of cliche things happening. Or a few times, the scenes looked like they were from other movies. And I wasn’t in love with the villain played by Javier Bardem. He was creepy. And I wasn’t super emotionally invested in his character at all. And (SPOILER ALERT) M played by Judi Dench dies. Can you really kill Judi Dench like that? She’s too classic.

On a happier note, I guess the transition to Moneypenny is necessary. And how about the diverse cast? I loved it. It was  a multi-location and multicultural treat. You took a virtual trip to all the locations and people of the story.

However, my new favorite claim to fame is the fact that I watched the movie with some friends one day. And then the next week, I visited Istanbul for the first time. And I saw the Grand Bizarre and surrounding area where the opening 007 chase scene takes place

And here’s my show:


I’m just so excited that I was there.

Anyways, I’m back in Athens. Getting ready for “The Hobbit” to come out a day early here! EEEK! I just finished the book. And let me tell you. Please just read it. It’s short and sweet and adventurous. And the previews look gorgeous and perfect. So they better not disappoint.

I saw “Twilight” too. I think it’s hilarious. Even if you aren’t a Twihard, you will still enjoy this movie. Just don’t take it seriously. So if you want a good laugh, I recommend it. I’m serious. The fight scene, I was freaking out laughing and screaming. And maybe cursing. Totally worth it. (Also fun fact. There was a deal of buy one get one free because I use a certain Greek mobile telephone service. SCORE!)

And NEWS JUST IN I just found out that Carrie Underwood is cast as Maria in NBC’s live stage version of “The Sound of Music” that will come out near the holiday season 2013. After initial panic and anger, I think I’m actually okay with it. Being that it is a stage version and not a movie, that is. I don’t think you could ever redo the movie. But watching a performance with the songs could be fun. Not the same, but fun. What do you think?

Okay, so that was a lot to process with you. But there ya go. Entertainment overload. And as the title suggests, I’m getting lots of songs stuck in my head just living life.

Not to mention Christmas music. I love December. 🙂




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